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Shropham Vicarage Garden

(June 2019)

Having had dry weather to the point that our garden was beginning to suffer quite badly, the sudden appearance of rain managed to coincide with our monthly outside visit. A phone call from Guy Barker, the gardener of Shropham Vicarage garden and our host, confirmed the inevitable and we had to cancel. Cancelling at the last minute is always a joy as I am left with e-mailing, hoping for a reply, and then trying to phone all those who have better things to do than sit watching their screen all day.


One consolation is that you get to marvel at the variety of different answer-phone messages that are available. I work through the list of members, checking them off as I go, making a note as to who has come back and by which medium. I’m half way down the list and someone picks up the phone, “Oh, you just rang me”. Oh no, what have I done? Turns out they had popped round to a friend – a friend further down my list. As most people have better things to do than sitting beside their phone all day, I’m still trying to make contact with half a dozen members as the start-time of the meeting passes.


Our next visit will be on the 10thof July. It will be to the Plantation Garden, 4, Earlham road, Norwich, NR2 3DB. Leave Hockham Village green at 13:25 to arrive at 14:00. The Plantation Garden is described as ‘a beautiful idiosyncratic gem of a garden’. There is also the cathedral nearby. Speaking from experience, there are many beautiful idiosyncratic gems if you visit The Thetford Open Gardens event, Sunday 23rdJune, 11am to 5pm. More details on the following link.


We hope to reschedule the visit to Shropham in the near future.

As we were not able to go I thought you would like to see what I think is a very fine garden on top of an old tree stump in Hockham woods.

Edward Szczepanowski.


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