Great Hockham Gardening Club is back up and running.


Find our group on Facebook for upcoming events and details.


Most of the pictures on this website have been taken by the members. They have usually been reduced in size (definition) to work easily on the site. If you would like any of the pictures we will try to supply them in their original size. Just contact:


About Us

Great Hockham Gardening Club serves not only Great Hockham but the villages and towns that surround it as well. We hold our indoor meetings at the Edinburgh Hall, Great Hockham, so as long as you can get there with relative ease, you’re more than welcome to come and join us.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly club where the emphasis is on both gardening and social gatherings as well. During the winter months, we tend to listen to speakers but as soon as the days lengthen and the weather improves, we are out and about visiting the many places of local interest – and sometimes further away by way of coach trips.

Have a look through the web site. There is a wealth of information on here and if, as a member, there’s something you want to know but can’t find, then just email your question to our club secretary - address on the Committee Members page. 

We are actively seeking new members. The annual membership fee of £10.00 per person is payable on joining and renewable in September. If you are reading this as a non-member and are interested in joining this very friendly club then please contact any of the Committee Members or just come along to a meeting.
 If you come along to a meeting on 'spec' as a visitor you'll see we have a reception table by the door.

Why join? What do you get for your money? Well, you get free entry to all indoor meetings where we have some very interesting topics as shown in our latest programme of events.
Your refreshments at all meetings are free. You get to visit all outdoor venues fro free (with some exceptions depending on the nature of the visit), and perhaps the most important part of all is that you become part of a growing social organisation where you will get to make friends who all have a similar interest to yours.

Indoor Meetings
These are held from October until April in Edinburgh Hall, Harling Road, Gt Hockham at 1400 on the second Wednesday of the month. See the Programme Page for full details of each meeting.

At each indoor meeting, we include a table show with three catagories:
A flower: a single stem or bloom.
A vegetable or fruit: just one, or bunch, like grapes. 
A seasonal, local photograph.
All items must be entirely a result of your own work.
All items will be judged on the evening, usually by the visiting speaker. Points will be awarded and a record kept of the winning entries. One entry per member per month and most points at end of year will collect a mystery prize.

At each indoor meeting there are free refreshments for members and a raffle. Each member is asked to contribute one raffle prize per year, in September.  As a result, we have some really great raffle prizes.

Outdoor Visits
Outdoor meetings run from May until August. Costs for outside visits are now free to members (usually) and as applicable to visitors. Refreshments are often included. Where we go varies from interesting nursery centres to members gardens to picnics - we constantly try to come up with something different and new - see the programme page for details.
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