Summer Show 2015

As all who entered exhibits or just visited know what a great show it was. As I mentioned at the show, Peter Ferman, a professional and experienced judge, who does shows across the area, says that the quality of many of our exhibits exceeds those of the big show he does in Norwich. The number of entries this year was well up: 448 against 350 last year. However, looking back to previous years, 400 turns out to be an average number, but 448 is a record.


Some things that Sue and I got wrong:


We felt that the floral art category was too obscure: sorry, we’ll be less peculiar next time.


Some people turned up with exhibits to find no name card on the table. This can be sorted by the ‘meet and greet’ people who will write you a card. Remember, the whole point of a problem is there is then something to solve. Notwithstanding, we will try harder next year.


The flowers and pot plants were crowded. There is very limited space, but we have a plan for next year.


Clematis blooms: Some schedules said three, some said one. The judge was made aware and the class was judged on a single bloom.


Some things Sue and I failed to make clear(er).


Carrots: normally exhibited without their tops. Those whose carrots had tops were not wrong, we were, we should have said.


More about numbers: some exhibitors did not enter the correct number of items, apparently this happened with the onions. Being a village show, if there is one too many, Peter will quietly dispose of one of them and judge them normally. If there is one short then the entry is ‘Not According to Schedule, (NAS) and cannot be judged. It’s a shame as some of those stood a good chance of being been placed had there been the correct number. Please read the (helpful) rules.


Traditionally, onions have their tops bound. We will have a think and make it clear next time.


Even more about numbers: ‘a reasonable number’ – not a reasonable harvest.


Please make it easy for judges to open bottles!


Bunches of flowers in plastic bottles: funky or disrespectful to fellow exhibitors?


We think it was a good show, but it was only really good if both exhibitors and visitors enjoyed it. We hope you did.


Last, but not least, the show cannot take place without all the people who helped, the people who exhibited and the people who came along.


Thank you.


Sue Thomas and Ed Szczepanowski.



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