The Annual General Meeting

September 2019

It’s only now, the time that we begin to harvest our crops and clear the plots that we begin to see what kind of display of foxgloves we will get next year. This unintended crop is a bonus and all our plants will be saved and relocated for the delight of the bees and us.


Our AGM was also a delight as this year we omitted to include the traditional intimidation of the membership into joining the committee. We had usual reports from the secretaries and an overview of the programme for the coming year. It looks like being a good year, so readers of this column not yet members should think seriously about joining us.


Having discharged the legal obligations of an AGM we proceeded onto the refreshments and a slide show. Usually we show pictures giving us a reminder of the club events of the previous year, but as previous dispatches have indicated, the weather last year was not conducive to making a collection of pretty pictures. By closely watching the forecast we did manage to have one impromptu visit to the garden of two of our members – while the sun was shining. So this was the excuse for said members to include in the film show, not only pictures of the garden in its current state, but some showing how it has progressed over the years. Each of the committee members made a cake and Jane made sandwiches and set up the hall. To say that the whole thing went smoothly might have been economical with the actualité, but just about everything happened that was supposed to.


The overall results from last year’s competitions had been totaled and the results were as follows: Floral: Jane Dalton / Vegetables: Jane Dalton. Seasonal Photograph: Edward Szczepanowski.

The three winners each received a prize of £10.00 (making next year’s membership free).


The competition for the coming year started at this meeting and the results were as follows:



First: Chris Dalton.

Second: Jane Dalton.

Third: Sue Thomas.


Fruit / Vegetables:

First: Prue Szczepanowski:.

Second: Chris Dalton.

Third: Nigel Lincoln.


Seasonal Photograph:

First: Ed Szczepanowski.

Second: Sue Thomas.

Third: Laura Lincoln.


Our next meeting will be Wednesday 9th of October at Hockham village hall. Melissa Sheldrake will be giving us a talk on ‘Curious Obsessions’. New members are welcome and the beginning of the season is the best time to join. Just turn up (and pay). More details are available on our web site at http://www.greathockhamgardeningclub.org.uk Doors open at 13:30. Proceedings start at about 14:00.


Finally, it is with great regret that I have to report the sad loss of one of our members. Linda Mawby had been a valued member of our club for several years. Always willing to help with anything that needed to be done. She died on 12th of September after what seemed to us like a very short illness, but that may not have been the case as she was not one to complain. She had made many good friends within the club. Our thoughts are with her family. 



Edward Szczepanowski.


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