The Horn Fair 2018


On Sunday 6th May village of Great Hockham held it’s 746th annual Horn Fair. The term ‘horn’ is likely to come from a sheep killed for the occasion and the horns then paraded as part of the festivities. The origin of the fair dates from a charter granted by Henry III in 1272 and is kept alive by the dedicated villagers of Great Hockham.


The fair opened at 12:00 with a musket volley. Among the many attractions were stalls selling local crafts, Mr. T’s knot tying master class for all ages, a Maypole exhibition by Hockham School, alpacas looking very superior, a gathering of classic cars from the Suffolk Vehicle Enthusiasts Club and Molly Dancing by the Hockham Clod Hoppers. Ploughboys originally performed Molly Dancing for money to tide them over prior the start of the ploughing season. The male dancers would black their faces to conceal their identity with one dressed as a woman – the Molly. Molly has been used since around 1754 as a term from an effeminate man.


Great Hockham Gardening Club is honored to be part of this historic event at which we operate three stalls: a tombola stall where all the prizes are donated by our members, a tea and cake (and other eatable items) stall, all home made by the members and a plant stall selling a wide variety of home grown plants and produce. This year the brilliant weather, the hard work of the members and the generosity of the visitors conspired to make it a very successful event, grossing a record amount to subsidise our membership fees.










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